We are a multidisciplinary firm that provides full design and engineering services for the construction of residential and commercial buildings throughout Ontario. 



We specialize in residential and commercial design. By consilidating design and engineering; ours and our clients vision and design intent is consistent from the planning stage through to the engineering and final build.



Interior renovations and additions are designed seamlessly with the existing building and its surrounding visual and physical environment. Our engineering expertise is ideal for retrofitting existing structures.



We offer structural engineering services to clients, architects, and builders. We design wood post and beam, steel, and concrete structures. Our structural engineering services include design of structural elements, connection and fabrication detailing, and performing inspections and certifications as necessary by the chief building official.



Custom homes and new build projects provide a blank canvas where our creativity and our clients' dreams come together to cultivate unique beautiful buildings. 



We handle the zoning and permit processes dealing with numerous building departments, and Conservation Authorities throughout Ontario including: Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Toronto, Pickering, Oshawa. We have extensive experience and expertise with minor variance applications with the Commitee of Adjustments and representation at the Ontario Municipal Board.



We work with our clients for design and build tenders for government and private construction and act as the engineer of record for our commercial projects.


We also work with clients and manage the construction process utilizing our vast construction experience. 


"Beautiful and vibrant designs that inspire all who live, work, and dream in them"

Our Story: Our firm was founded by Duy Nguyen, providing structural engineering services for the commercial and residential construction industries. Our firm organically grew to provide design services, unifying the creative art and the technical science of engineering.  We aim to revive traditional artistic craftsmanship with themes of simplicity, honesty, functionality, and harmony with nature through unique design.  By maintaining true to these core philosophies in our designs, while using our technical education as engineers, we fuse traditional artistry with an efficient and modern design approach. We specialize in providing custom and innovative solutions for each of our clients' unique requirements. 


In order to design a building that is timeless and distinctive, and can be enjoyed by future generations, we believe that the native surroundings of the site and our environment should be respected and incorporated into all our designs. We ensure that each project is designed to blend seamlessly with its visual and physical environment.   We incorporate sustainable design practices such as utilizing green building materials and energy efficient construction, and follow LEEDs requirements. 


We believe that spending time to understand our clients' ideals and needs is essential to foster a strong relationship that extends beyond the traditional client-designer relationship.  Our unique blend of skills, experience, and the unification of the design and engineering processes results in an efficient and interactive design process that balances aesthetics and a building with practical/functional requirements.










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